Thailand (Seismological Stations)

Seismological Bureau , Thai Meteorological Department 4353 Sukhumvit Road. Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand, 10260

Publicly available seismological stations in Thailand
(See below this section for details of the Thai seismic network)

Thailand is UTC +7. The Thai station BHZ channels are unusually 100 samples per second instead of the more normal 40 or 50.

Station Today Yesterday
Ubonrachatani Station {Map}
Click an image for the full size version.
Songkhla Station {Map} SKLT.TM..BHZ SKLT.TM..BHZ
Mae Hongson Station {Map} MHIT.TM..BHZ MHIT.TM..BHZ
Phetchabun Station {Map} PBKT.TM..BHZ PBKT.TM..BHZ
Chiengmai1 Station {Map}
Trillium 120P, 120 s, 1201 V/m/s-HRD-24, gain 1, 1
Other stations not in Thai net, or in neighbouring countries
Chiang Mai, Thailand (GSN) {Map}
Geotech KS-54000 Borehole Seismometer
CHTO.IU.00.BHZ (20sps) CHTO.IU.00.BHZ (20sps)
Chiang Mai (As above)
Streckeisen STS-2 High-gain
CHTO.IU.10.BHZ (40sps) CHTO.IU.10.BHZ (40sps)
Shillong, Meghalaya, India {Map}
Trillium 240, generation 2, 240 s, 1168 V/m/s-Taur
SHL.IN..HHZ (100sps) SHL.IN..HHZ (100sps)
Qiongzhong, Hainan Province, China {Map}
Streckeisen STS-2 High-gain
QIZ.IC.01.BHZ (40sps) QIZ.IC.01.BHZ (40sps)
Kulim, Malaysia {Map}
Streckeisen STS-2/Quanterra 330
KUM.MY..BHZ (20sps) KUM.MY..BHZ (20sps)

Seismological stations coverage map

Download XLSX file: Thai-seismic-station-list

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