TauP Arrival Times Interface

While the USGS ponders whether to create a new version of the arrival times calculator I have created an interface that links to the suggested alternative TauP. TauP is a Java command line program and probably beyond the bother of most Windows users, even if they know how to get at the command line in Windows.

This interface is not suitable for screen resolutions below 800 x 600 and is ONLY for Windows XP. Vista, 7 or 8. It does not run on Mac or Linux.

With this interface I hope to ease the pain a little. There are two versions – one is built into the QVS Data program and can access events from the database, and the other is a standalone version for any Windows user.

For the help on the built in version please go here.

IMPORTANT: I did not write TauP, and I am not responsible for the output or behaviour of TauP. You must install TauP on your system in order for this interface to work, and you MUST place the Taup-2.1.1 folder immediately below the root of a drive, for example C:\Taup-2.1.1

TauP may not work if there are any spaces in the working path.

The standalone TauP Interface

The initial screen looks like that shown below but before you see that you will see a message saying the TauP folder is not set.


It is just a reminder. Click on OK.

(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)

Please note that for the time being it is NOT possible to select phases. I need to resolve an issue with the batch file before I can make this work. Currently you get all phases.

You MUST now select the TauP folder before doing anything else. Click on ‘Select Folder’ at the bottom of the form.


Find the TauP folder and then click on OK. The folder will be inserted. You only have to do this once.

Enter the event data required – Latitude, Longitude and Depth and the time of the event in the format HHMMSS (Hours minutes seconds with no gaps i.e.170536 for 5:05:35 PM). ONLY the six digit format is accepted.

If you have not already done so you must select the station that you wish to use for the calculation. You selection will be remembered and the next time you use the program it should already be selected in the list for you.

A form that is good to go might look like this

(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)

Click on ‘Get The Arrival Times’ and a black command screen should appear:


Do not do anything! You will have to wait about 10 seconds, or at most 20 seconds, before the screen vanishes and your arrival times are displayed.

(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)

The arrival times at the station, the second block of data, are to the nearest second and are based on the event time. The first block is the original output from the TauP program.

Please note that because the program creates and calls a batch file that is outside the normal user areas due to the requirements of TauP you MAY have to run as an administrator for the program to work.

If you have any problems you can leave a comment below. All comments are monitored.


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