Seismogram pages for YC.LA10-19 Stations

Jump to LA14, LA17, LA18, LA19

Whilst the ‘day before’ plots were not working they now are, so I have re-instated them. Unfortunately the BUD Explorer service has been discontinued and the MUSTANG Metrics that replaces it does not do what we need here as it simply reports on metrics. This means it is not possible to go back more than 3 days, and my archives are seriously behind at present for which I apologise. If you need a particular day that is not displayed just leave a request.

This is the current availability on the Bayou Corne network. Only those with a red R can be displayed here.

Nothing! There is NO realtime availability.

43 Responses to Seismogram pages for YC.LA10-19 Stations

  1. Daniel A. Rosales says:

    Thanks for making this information available. Would it be possible to find a place to download the archive results going back to the start of these monitoring stations? All the way through 2012 and 2013? If some 2014 is available, that will be fantastic. Pretty much appreciate it.

  2. flyingcuttlefish says:

    (Jan. 19) On LA18 there was a big event in the morning. But the TIME STAMP for it on your IRIS chart and the the CERI chart I have is 6 hours different. It looks to be the same big event. Which one do you think has the wrong time setting?
    A clock can get behind on a computer if the power goes out.

  3. flyingcuttlefish says:

    any ideas about LA12 just after noon today?

  4. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Please comment on any ideas about what is happening today at LA12….(I put image on my blog of your chart).

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  7. flyingcuttlefish says:

    [June 13] Any idea what is happening at LA10-01?

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  9. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Can you check out this comment?
    and view reply too? No hurry …
    [OK to delete this comment]

    • PuterMan says:

      Hi FC, yes I know the guy (in an internet way) who organises that yellowstone helicorder site. In order to do it he has to have his own server and he has coded the whole thing to be automatic. The generic links you talked about later are just those that I provide on my page for the three days (today, yesterday and the day before) and these depend on a set of links that are not generally known but are not secret.

      I have way too much to do at present or I would have completed the archive pages for Bayou Corne. I will get round to it but please remember that even though I may not have put them on a web site I still collect the images daily. I did start on a semi automated collection but had to abandon it as it was partly manual and I rean out of time. I have a large project to complete, but once that is done I shall get back to sorting all this out.

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  11. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Any ideas what is happening at the LA10s today and yesterday?

    • PuterMan says:

      My system crashed yesterday so I have been a bit busy. Just getting it back now. All the surface stations at Bayou Corne are exhibiting some sort of cultural signal yesterday – traffic or maybe wind? – in addition to the many rumblings coming through from the raft of quakes of Chile – M8.2 7.6 and several 6es.

      LA 11 looks as if it may be sick, or there may be some local electrical interference. Difficult to say without having a listen and I can’t do that just yet because of the crash.

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  13. PuterMan says:

    Apologies to all for the delays over the last few days. I am catching up with the seismograms today as we seem to have Internet without interruptions, sort of ‘Internet sans décrocheurs’ as opposed to ‘Jeux sans frontiers’.

    I have also re-instated the LA15 page for April and have managed to recover seismograms from the 10th April for that.

    I am also adding the ‘Today’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Day B4 Yesterday’ links for the LA10.02 mid borehole instrument and LA10.03 bottom of borehole instrument. I shall add April for these instruments shortly.

    • GeoLurking says:

      You happen to have a link to the lat and lon for the stations?

      • PuterMan says:

        Hi GeoLurking, the 2 decimal place Lat/Lon can be found on the IRIS page for the YC network:

        IRIS MDA for YC

        This however is not a great deal of use so if you can hold on I will dig out the exact references which are in the header of the SAC files which I download from time to time and I will post them here in a few hours.

      • PuterMan says:

        I have added the latitude and longitude for each station above just under the name. There is also a link to Google Maps.

        This information was collected today from the SAC file headers for each station. Please note that the data is only as good as the validity of the information entered into the SAC file.

      • PuterMan says:

        I overcame a fit of laziness and put it into table for you. 🙂

        Inst Lat Lon
        LA10 30.0097 -91.1416
        LA11 30.0070 -91.1397
        LA12 30.0096 -91.1461
        LA14 30.0087 -91.1398
        LA15 30.0124 -91.1337
        LA16 30.0092 -91.1337
        LA17 30.0134 -91.1439
    • flyingcuttlefish says:

      what is this giant vertical blue line jump?

      • flyingcuttlefish says:

        better link ….

      • PuterMan says:

        Apologies for the delay in replying, I have a lot to do with a new program revision due out on Monday. Without going to get the data I would have said that was a slump event. There is quite a lot of long wave activity following it.

        If you look at the LA12 SEED plot (here) and compare it to the borehole SEED plot at borehole bottom (here) you can see on the borehole plot that it is an event starting just after midnight UTC and then the reverberations from it continue for quite some time.

        I am assuming that because LA12 is a surface station it is picking up the initial movement much more heavily than the borehole instrument. The reverberations show a bit clearer on the other channels for the instrument HH1 here and HH2 here.

        As I say, in my opinion a slump event, but I apologise that I do not have time to investigate further just now.

  14. PuterMan says:

    ISIS has had problems due to a power outage and today 15th are upgrading their system so many seismograms are not currently available. Hopefully I can catch up when they are back on line.

    IRIS Outage Notices

    I have also has Internet service problems yesterday and today and may be off again tomorrow for a while as the effects of the bog fire damage work their way out of the system.

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