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Break in updates

My apologies but the USGS pages format has changed and the automatic collection program is no longer able to read them. 😦 I am working on an alternative.

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Bayou Corne Seismo removals

The seismograph stations LA01 through to LA09 appear to have been deleted from the database as far as data goes. They are still on IRIS and BUD as publicly available stations but the last data was 28th Jan on LA03, … Continue reading

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Do USGS downgrade earthquakes?

There is much talk on the web about USGS downgrading earthquakes. But the question is do they? Well yes, but they upgrade them as well just as much. So how do we go about tracking this? Well first off you … Continue reading

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Comparing 3 earthquakes

It has always fascinated me the difference between the signatures of earthquakes of similar sizes as seen from different parts of the world. On the 22nd August there were 3 Mag 5 quakes (amongst others) Date/Time UTC,Latitude,Longitude,Magnitude,Depth(Km),Location2011-08-22 06:04:57, -17.470, 167.244, … Continue reading

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