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188 Debunked

The much publicised 188 day earthquake cycle so popular on You Tube, Doom web sites and Conspiracy forums is inaccurate at best. Leaving aside the fact that the geometry invoked really does not work too well for spherical objects rather … Continue reading

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Alexander Retrov – The Ultimate Scaremonger?

There are people who are ignorant of facts and there are people such as Alexander Retrov (Trevor Alexander) who prey upon the gullibility of these people. Were I a wealthy man I would make it my mission in live to … Continue reading

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Epic Fail – Doom merchant wrong again!!!

I have no really big quibble with people who genuinely believe they have had a dream, or a premonition, or have looked at patterns and determined a possibility of an earthquake. Who am I to say that people cannot have … Continue reading

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Do USGS downgrade earthquakes?

There is much talk on the web about USGS downgrading earthquakes. But the question is do they? Well yes, but they upgrade them as well just as much. So how do we go about tracking this? Well first off you … Continue reading

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Expert says eruption of Etna volcano linked to earthquake in Spain

This was the headline in Xinhuanet So what does this expert say? ROME, May 12 (Xinhua) — The eruption of the Etna volcano in southern Italy early Thursday is connected to the earthquakes that rocked the Spanish region of Murcia, … Continue reading

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