Strong Earthquake Gulf Of California 19-Jan-18 (E180191617)

See source attribution and disclaimer notice
Derived from USGS and other event data. See details below.
Automated Preliminary Details – subject to review.

Magnitude 6.3 [subject to review and confirmation]

Small Location map

  • Date-Time: 2018-01-19T16:17:42.570Z (utc)
  • Earthquake location: 26.680°N, 111.107°W
  • Seismic Region: 4 – Baja California and Gulf of California
  • Seismic Geo Area: 490 – Gulf Of California
  • Earthquake depth: 10.0 km
  • Tsunamigenic: YES (Note this does not means there was a tsunami, just that the earthquake has characteristics that could cause a tsunami.)
  • Felt reports?: YES
  • Status: Reviewed
  • Event ID: us2000cl83
  • Version Timestamp : 2018-01-25T21:08:47.530Z

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Event and Aftershocks
This link shows the event and any aftershocks during the following month using the IRIS Earthquake Browser [→] Historical Information
Mag 6+ events in region in the last 20 years ~500 miles radius of the event (Max 100) from IRIS [→]
(The current event may not appear for a few minutes or so after the time.)
The above events in the IRIS Earthquake Browser 3D viewer [→]

Location map

No claim is made as such that there is a connection to earthquake events between the positions of celestial bodies and/or the state of space weather however the data is provided for you to make your own observations on the possibilities and draw your own conclusions.

Celestial Data

View from moon image (Fourmilab) shows you the view of the earth from the moon (centre of the image) at the time of the event.

Lunar Perigee and Apogee

18 ← Perigee → 11 | 4 ← Apogee → 23
Perigee date + distance Apogee date + distance
361437km  F  +1d18h
406131km  N  +3d07h
357495km  F  +0d16h
406604km  N  +0d18h
356565km  F  -0d04h
406459km  N  -2d00h
358994km  F  -1d03h
405700km  N  -4d06h
363936km  F  -2d10h
404681km  N  -6d03h

See Fourmilab for more details

New and Full Moon Times

2 ← New Moon → 27 | 17 ← Full Moon → 12
New Moon dates Full Moon dates
2017-11-18 11:43 2017-12-03 15:49
2017-12-18 06:31 2018-01-02 02:25
2018-01-17 02:18 2018-01-31 13:28
2018-02-15 21:07 2018-03-02 00:52
2018-03-17 13:14 2018-03-31 12:38

See Fourmilab for more details

Times of closest conjunctions

6 ← Conjunction → 33
Conj. Date Conj. Time Planet 1. PLanet 2.
2017-11-13 08:24:57.0 Venus Jupiter
2017-12-07 02:23:01.4 Mercury Saturn
2017-12-15 12:01:26.4 Mercury Venus
2017-12-25 17:08:20.6 Venus Saturn
2018-01-07 00:28:29.7 Mars Jupiter
2018-01-13 05:45:52.6 Mercury Saturn
2018-02-21 18:46:38.6 Venus Neptune
2018-02-25 12:48:22.7 Mercury Neptune
2018-03-04 05:41:27.9 Mercury Venus
2018-03-19 08:17:30.3 Mercury Venus
2018-03-29 00:50:09.3 Venus Uranus

See TAU Astronomy Club: Mutual planetary conjunctions and occultations

Orrery at time of earthquake

The Orrery gives the position of the planets at the time of the earthquake, and the ephemeris has been set for the latitude and longitude of the event. The ephemeris shows you the positions of the principal bodies in the Solar System at the selected time, both in celestial coordinates and as seen from the event epicentre.

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