Strong Earthquake Northern And Central Iran 05-Apr-17 (E170950609)

See source attribution and disclaimer notice
Derived from USGS and other event data. See details below.
Automated Preliminary Details – subject to review.

Magnitude 6.1 [subject to review and confirmation]

Small Location map

  • Date-Time: 2017-04-05T06:09:12.460Z (utc)
  • Earthquake location: 35.800°N, 60.436°E
  • Seismic Region: 29 – Western Asia
  • Seismic Geo Area: 3480 – Northern And Central Iran
  • Earthquake depth: 13.0 km
  • Tsunamigenic: No. (Not tsunamigenic or unknown at this time)
  • Felt reports?: YES
  • Status: Reviewed
  • Event ID: us10008ei0
  • Version Timestamp : 2017-04-05T08:59:59.769Z

Event and Aftershocks
This link shows the event and any aftershocks during the following month using the IRIS Earthquake Browser Historical Information
Mag 6+ events in region in the last 20 years ~500 miles radius of the event (Max 100) from IRIS
(The current event may not appear for a few minutes or so after the time.)
The above events in the IRIS Earthquake Browser 3D viewer
Location map

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5 Responses to Strong Earthquake Northern And Central Iran 05-Apr-17 (E170950609)

  1. daaixin says:

    THANKS for the wonderful service your quake & volcano threads have provided many thousands of your readers.

    May the tyrannical sorts heading ATS reap what they have so callousedly, irrationally, arbitrarily & terminally ignorantly dished out to great blokes like y’all. . . . particularly the very arbitrary and often very hypocritical extremely biased sorts of mods that too often have too much power.

    Personally, I believe you’d be better off and your readers would be better of and more free to share honest information if you moved such threads to WORD PRESS or GOPBRIEFING ROOM or any number of other places.

    Not being able to robustly discuss such things on ATS is myopic, narrowly rigid, tyrannical, cheekily insulting to the membership and contrary to the free flow of information that ATS supposedly stands for. They make it sound as though the serfs and slaves cannot be allowed to or are too low ranking to discuss such things in a responsible, civil manner . . . while probably, the ATS hierarchy simply is not up to dealing with that robust a give and take discussion and is too brittle, thin-skinned and arrogant to tolerate likely comments.

    I just think the stink on your hands would leave faster if you moved to another net venue.

    I’m a long term and fierce supporter of y’all.

    And, yeah, my emancipation from the idiocies of ATS has been liberating, peaceful and comforting.

    By all means, please carry on your good work.

    Da Ai

    • PuterMan says:

      Thanks for those kind words. I have passed them on to Muzzy. I am considering starting a forum just for earthquakes – it will probably be Muzzy has said is is interested. It will probably happen sometime in or after May.

      Look forward yo seeing you there!

      Thanks again. PuterMan

      • daaixin says:

        BY ALL MEANS, *PLEASE* DO SET UP ANOTHER FORUM. Though I’d hope you’d include volcanoes, too.

        The rigidly narrow, arbitrary tyrannical arrogance of TOS (that other site) has gotten far too thick, far too deep and far too intense a stench.

        And too many mods have assumed Jr god status in their own minds. Of course, as in most orgs, they are merely following the attitude at the top–with impunity accordingly.

        You and Muzzy have been
        –greatly reasonable;
        –warmly personal without being wimpy;
        –tirelessly diligent to a fault;
        –mercifully responsive and candid;
        –creatively clever to brilliant in expressing complex data in easily grasped words and images;
        etc. etc. etc.

        When you hopefully leave TOS, please shake the dust off your feet against them. They richly deserve it.

        BTW, do you still insist that the data do not indicate a significant increase in frequency of any level of quake compared to the last 100 years? IIRC, in the last few years, there have been some increases but I don’t recall of what sort. What’s the status of that issue, in your opinion?

        Do you maintain an email list to alert us to new posts etc? Would like to be on it, if you do.

        • PuterMan says:

          Another month ago and I will try and get the alternate set up. I have have some major computer problems over the past months and another week or so should I hope see me clear of that. Theoretically if you are subscribed the site should email you but I am not convinced it works. You would need to register to see. (And let me know if it does)

          The new site will have the data from here transferred as well as a forum so I know that will then send emails to subscribers.
          >>BTW, do you still insist that the data do not indicate a significant increase in frequency of any level of quake compared to the last 100 years? IIRC, in the last few years, there have been some increases but I don’t recall of what sort. What’s the status of that issue, in your opinion?

          It is still my opinion that the increases we see over the years – long term – in earthquakes are solely because of better coverage. Obviously it is difficult to state that as a fact as there is no comparison of like content over the years naturally but looking at say the last 10 years when coverage is relatively steady I don’t see what I would say was any significant increase in earthquakes worldwide.

          IF, as some maintain (and I don’t disagree), we live in an Electric Universe then the definite lower output from the sun would give rise to a lower incidence of earthquakes. One day when I retire from being retired I may get time to look at that, meantime retirement is so much busier than being at work I sometimes wish I was still working!

        • PuterMan says:

          >>Though I’d hope you’d include volcanoes, too.

          ‘QVS’ Data stands for Quakes, Volcanoes and Solar. 🙂

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