Bayou Corne seismographic stations

Currently the public availability of real-time data (seismograms) is for LA11,12,14,17,18,19. LA10 with its three locations has been removed as of 20th October this year.

IRIS is showing stations for YC network 2013/01/01 00:00:00 to 2014/12/31 23:59:59 (11 stations) – this includes archive data for removed stations – but as yet there is no indication that the life of this temporary network will be extended beyond 31st December, 2014.

I can’t imagine that they will be closing it down on that date but…………….you never know!

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5 Responses to Bayou Corne seismographic stations

  1. David DeBord says:

    Thank you for the link Puterman.
    I’m concerned by the lack of reporting/ interest that has been going on over the past couple of months, on the part of the “Officials” there in Louisiana. I know that the “Official story” is that it’s “Stabilized”, yet, what seismographs that I can see at CERI, & the few videos/pics state otherwise.
    In the back of my mind, I believe that the worst is yet to come, there at Bayou Corne, & that the “Cause & Effect”, will cause the Media to refocus it’s attention there in a much greater manner.

    Thank You for your help Puterman!

  2. David DeBord says:

    Greetings Puter Man,

    Do you have any “active” blogs, charts, comments etc. about or for the Bayou Corne Sinkhole?

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