Strong Earthquake South Of Fiji Islands (171) 04-May-14 (E141240925)

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Preliminary Details – subject to review.

Derived from Event Data Source: USGS See details below
Magnitude 6.1 [subject to review and confirmation]
This link shows the event and any aftershocks during the following month using the IRIS Earthquake Browser [→]

  • Date-Time: 2014-05-04T09:25:14.520Z UTC
  • Earthquake location: 25.798°S, 178.208°E
  • Seismic Region: 12 – Kermadec – Tonga – Samoa Basin Area
  • Seismic Geo Area: 1710 – South Of Fiji Islands
  • Earthquake depth: 610.6 km
  • Distances:
    1. 543km (337mi) NW of Raoul Island, New Zealand
    2. 848km (526mi) S of Suva, Fiji
    3. 848km (526mi) SW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
    4. 889km (552mi) S of Nadi, Fiji
    5. 1045km (649mi) S of Lambasa, Fiji
  • Event ID: usb000q98e

Mag 6+ events in region in the last 20 years ~500 miles radius of the event (Max 1000) from IRIS [→]
(The current event may not appear for an hour or so after the time.)
The above events in the IRIS Earthquake Browser 3D viewer [→]


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