Count of Earthquakes M6+ -v- Count of Seismic Stations

There are many tales on the Internet of how earthquakes have been increasing and we are all doomed! Alternatively if not doomed the planet is going into some sort of transition with an increase in frequencies of the inhabitants and the leaving behind of the unenlightened.

Who am I to say we are not doomed and that the planet is not moving into a new phase and the second coming will occur soon? These things are a matter of belief or opinion.

It is my belief, and this is a view that I have held for a long time, that the count of earthquakes is related to the number of seismograph stations around the world.

The overview, based on the IRIS list of permanent networks, plotted against the count of M6+ earthquakes looks like this:

(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)

I say overview because the exact details of when a station was available is found in the data for the network, and to assemble that is a long task which I have started. Since overall I doubt if the effect will differ greatly then for the moment this graph will suffice.

I am satisfied that there is a positive correlation between the count of magnitude 6+ earthquakes and the number of seismic stations worldwide, not forgetting that an increase in the numbers of US stations will show as increased number of stations but will not affect the overall detection rate in later years.

All in all we probably are not so doomed as some might think, at least from earthquakes.

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