Magnitude 7.3 Columbia – Preliminary Details

Magnitude 7.3 Colombia

World GlobeSunday, September 30, 2012 @ 16:31:34 UTC
Location in Google Maps

  • Location: 1.969°N,  76.315°W
  • Depth: 150.4 km
  • Region: Colombia

  • Distances:
    • 9km (5mi) WNW of Isnos, Colombia
    • 32km (19mi) WNW of Pitalito, Colombia
    • 61km (37mi) SSE of Popayan, Colombia
    • 66km (41mi) SW of La Plata, Colombia
    • 345km (214mi) NE of Quito, Ecuador
  • Event ID: us2012gdap

This is a deep quake that should hopefully not cause too much damage.

Follow reports and personal felt reports on

Update 16:38 UTC : This earthquake, which is not extremely dangerous if the preliminary data are correct (depth +150 km), will be felt ina very wide radius of hundreds of km. We do not have yet official data.
Update 16:46 UTC : Please omit the depth of Geofon in the listings. 10 km in in many cases reported as a “we do not know it yet” depth. Both USGS and EMSC are reporting a very weakening 168 and 140 km depth. This depth is normal as this is clearly a subduction earthquake generated by a moving Nazca plate who did hang below the continental South American Plate.
Update 16:49 UTC : A tsunami is NOT possible because of the epicenter who is located below land (far inland)
Update 16:54 UTC : First incoming reports are talking about a weak to very weak shaking, which is exactly what we did expect. In some cases a moderate shaking may be experienced, but we are quiet sure that this earthquake will not generate serious damage or injuries.
Important Update 16:57 UTC : USGS has just decreased the Magnitude from M7.4 to M7.1 at a depth of 150 km. These are very good numbers which confirm the incoming intensity (shaking) values
Update 17:01 UTC :
* 2 million people are expected to have felt a moderate shaking
* 14.5 million people a light shaking and 10 million people a weak shaking. These 3 shaking values are normally NOT generating any damage. Small cracks in walls and falling objects are often experienced though.
Update 17:08 UTC : Most important cities near the epicenter and their (probable) experienced shaking values
Moderate MMI V shaking : San Agustin 9000 people, Isnos 5000, Saladoblanco 1000, Pitalito 53000, Palestina 2000 and Elias 1000


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