New Zealand – Feature site: Seabreeze by Highace

Note: Whilst the owner of the site is an email acquaintance this appraisal is entirely unsolicited and has been made by me because a light is being hidden under a bushel.

One of the most comprehensive sites dealing with New Zealand earthquakes that I have come across is the site that is run by 'Highace'.

The main New Zealand data site is called Seabreeze and is packed with google maps, charts and graphs about seismicity in the area. Because New Zealand is often poorly covered by other data providers around the world it is good to know that, apart from the GeoNet site – the official NZ earthquake data providers, there is a place where you can view historical data and get to see some good analysis.

As an example the about page, where the maps are explained has a detailed set of information to guide you.


Click for larger image. ©Seabreeze/Highace

What I see from pages like this is time and attention to detail not being spared, the result being an excellent informative site.

In addition to the 'front page' you will also find:

I have maintained links to the ain page and the SNZO archive on this site in the side bar so you can always find them there.

I consider the Seabreeze site an outstanding contribution to earthquake blogging.

Please also note that this same blogger maintains a World Earthquakes Magnitude 7+ site and another jewel of a site call Earthquake archives (not USGS) where you will find listings for various providers, and other graphs etc. See image of the menu below.

I know how much time it takes to do all this sort of thing and really appreciate the effort.


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