Number Of Days Between Earthquakes 7+

Since I produced this for something else I thought perhaps it might be of interest. There is a theory circulating that there is always 188/9 days between large earthquakes. I guess what they are looking at is earthquakes where there is damage thus Chile, Japan, New Zealand and Fiji get quoted and the next is supposed to be on 22nd March. Of course you cannot cherry pick the quakes like that. If you are counting Magnitude 7+ earthquakes you have to include them all. Damage is not a factor especially since if you look at Turkey there was much damage and loss of life but no Mag 7 earthquake.

So to dispel the myth here is a list, in reverse order, of Magnitude 7+ earthquakes from 2011 to start 2012 sourced from the ANSS Worldwide Earthquake Catalog provided by the Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC) and the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS).

Mag7+ earthquakes inter days


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  1. wfoster2011 says:

    I, also, responded to this theory; only using a different method. As I pointed out in my post on January 13, 2012 titled, “Is a Gigantic Mega-Quake in our Future for March 22, 2012” the theory is based on a small sample of N=4. I went back 39 years and used a sample of N=26. I did not find any relevence to the basic premise, other than the fact that March 22, 2012 does have some of the astrological charteristics of earthquakes. Other than that, I agree – another YouTude nonsense video.
    Bill Foster

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