Magnitude 6.1 Amurskaya Oblast’. Russia 14-Oct-11 (c00069ck)

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Location Shake map Seismic Hazard maps
P-Wave travel times Phase/Tensor data Tsunami bulletin
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Location Maps
A block of Paleoarchean metamorphic rocks (Dambuki group), bounded by the Gilyui and Dzheltulak faults to the north and southwest, respectively. The area is triangular in plan view, covers about 1500 km2 and extends west of the Zeya reservoir, along the Ilikan and Gilyui river valleys.

The Dambuki cluster is characterized by numerous high-grade gold placers and a few primary gold deposits that have been mined since the late 19th century. Early Cretaceous pyroxenite-peridotite-hornblendite intrusions with gold-bearing Cu-Ni mineralizations are regarded as the primary gold sources of the placers.
Dambuki ore cluster, Amurskaya Oblast’, Far-Eastern Region, Russia
Shake Map. Click image for more.
Shake Map

Seismic Hazard Map
Historic Seismicity 2011
P-Wave travel times
Theoretical P-Wave travel time
Moment Tensor Solutions

Phase Data
Phase Data
Tsunami Bulletin
On land quake too far from ocean

Position of the Moon

Details Location Shake map
Seismic Hazard maps P-Wave travel times Phase data

Other Links
PAGER details and PDF link.
The PAGER archive includes Significant Earthquakes since 2008.

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