Magnitude 6.1 South Of The Kermadec Isls 07-Oct-11

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Earthquake Details

Location Shake map Seismic Hazard maps
P-Wave travel times Phase/Tensor data Tsunami bulletin
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Location Map
Shake Map
Seismic Hazard Map
Historic Seismicity 2011
P-Wave travel times
Theoretical P-Wave travel time
Moment Tensor Solutions
USGS Centroid Moment Solution

11/10/07 08:58:29.75

Epicenter: -32.389 -178.902
MW 6.1

11/10/07 08:58:50.20
Centroid: -31.922 -178.987
Depth 52 No. of sta: 19
Moment Tensor; Scale 10**18 Nm
Mrr= 1.97 Mtt=-0.41
Mpp=-1.56 Mrt=-0.10
Mrp= 0.29 Mtp=-0.70
Principal axes:
T Val= 2.01 Plg=83 Azm=233
N -0.10 6 24
P -1.90 3 115

Best Double Couple:Mo=2.0*10**18
NP1:Strike= 19 Dip=49 Slip= 82
NP2: 211 42 99

Phase Data
Tsunami Bulletin
No tsunami bulletin issued by NOAA from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre

Position of the Moon

Details Location Shake map
Seismic Hazard maps P-Wave travel times Phase data

Other Links
PAGER details and PDF link.
The PAGER archive includes Significant Earthquakes since 2008.

If you would like a PDF copy of this web page please leave a comment and I will create one for you.


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