Magnitude 5.9 Jujuy. Argentina 06-Oct-11

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Downgraded to 5.9 – new details below
Revised Earthquake Details
Original details
Downgraded to 5.9

Location Shake map Seismic Hazard maps
P-Wave travel times Phase/Tensor data Tsunami bulletin
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Location Maps (Click the details image for USGS pages)
Shake Map
Seismic Hazard Map
Historic Seismicity 2011
Theoretical P-Wave travel time
Moment Tensor Solutions
USGS Body-Wave Moment Tensor Solution

11/10/06 11:12:29.35

Epicenter: -24.187 -64.289
MW 6.1

Depth 5 No. of sta: 42
Moment Tensor; Scale 10**18 Nm
Mrr= 1.35 Mtt= 0.20
Mpp=-1.55 Mrt= 0.07
Mrp=-0.10 Mtp= 0.41
Principal axes:
T Val= 1.36 Plg=87 Azm= 28
N 0.28 3 167
P -1.64 2 257

Best Double Couple:Mo=1.5*10**18
NP1:Strike=350 Dip=43 Slip= 94
NP2: 165 47 86

USGS WPhase Moment Solution

11/10/ 6 11:12:29

Epicenter: -24.180 -64.250
MW 6.0

11/10/06 11:12:29.00
Centroid: -24.180 -64.650
Depth 15 No. of sta: 12
Moment Tensor; Scale 10**19 Nm
Mrr= 0.10 Mtt= 0.01
Mpp=-0.11 Mrt= 0.01
Mrp= 0.02 Mtp= 0.04
Principal axes:
T Val= 0.10 Plg=79 Azm=313
N = 0.02 9 164
P = -0.12 5 73

Best Double Couple:Mo=0.1*10**19
NP1:Strike=153 Dip=40 Slip= 75
NP2: 351 50 101

Phase Data
Tsunami Bulletin
No tsunami bulletin issued by NOAA from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (On land quake not near ocean)

Details Location Shake map
Seismic Hazard maps P-Wave travel times Phase data

Other Links
PAGER details and PDF link.
The PAGER archive includes Significant Earthquakes since 2008.

If you would like a PDF copy of this web page please leave a comment and I will create one for you.


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