Alexander Retrov – The Ultimate Scaremonger?

There are people who are ignorant of facts and there are people such as Alexander Retrov (Trevor Alexander) who prey upon the gullibility of these people.

Were I a wealthy man I would make it my mission in live to seek these people out and silence them using the power of the legal systems since what they are doing is in my opinion fraudulent, and is criminal. There is enough going on in daily life and enough things that people have to content with without listening to this complete and utter bull.

Much as it pains me to do this, take a look at this video – but be aware that nothing in it is true. Not one single bit of it will come to pass.


So going through the points.

“There is a little comet called Elenin”. Yes, remember that, a LITTLE comet. No more than 5km across before it broke up. (Wonder what the idiot has to say about that then?)

“Every time this LITTLE comet is in alignment with our planet and either the Sun or some other body there’s a major earthquake.” No, Elenin cannot have any effect on the Earth – it is just too small.

“Now vibrational harmonics…..” Ah yes the introduction of a technical sounding term based on the principle that bullshit baffles brains. No mention of how these ‘harmonics’ are supposed to work.

He then proceeds to show Elenin aligning on the dates of recent major earthquakes. By the way anyone spot he got the Magnitude of the Chile quake wrong. It was 8.8 not 9.5. The 9.5 earthquake was in 1960 when, guess what, Elenin was not around. Where was Elenin in 1964, or any other major earthquake dates.

Then he says there will be another major earthquake on the 17th August. As we know in hind sight that was completely wrong. There was a 6.1, not a major quake, and it was not between Alaska and San Francisco – it was off Honshu, Japan. I note he says “I am being told”. He is either using this as the old “No not me, I am being told this so it must be real” scam or he should change his advisers!

Then he explains that the next alignment is on Sep 26th. Quite how this poor LITTLE broken up comet is going to achieve all that he says is totally and utterly beyond all belief.

“The whole Pacific Rim will go”. OK, where is it going and what do you refer to as that Pacific rim? All of it? No, not possible.

“Magnitude 12 to 15 earthquakes.” Now this piece of sensationalist claptrap just goes to show that he has absolutely no understanding of the earthquake magnitude scales at all or the faulting mechanism.

With the largest earthquake in recorded history being the 9.5 in Chile in 1960, it is worth noting that a Magnitude 10 earthquake, yes 10 not 12 or over, is 5.62 times stronger than a 9.5.

A magnitude 15 were such a thing possible would be 1,000,000 times stronger than a magnitude 11. This pratt has no understanding of the logarithmic scale of earthquakes and is just bandying numbers around for the scare factor. This is wrong, so very very wrong. Yes there will be major earthquakes – by which I mean over 8.5 magnitude, and maybe one day there will be a 9.5 again but it will not be because of any alignment with a small and insignificant comet.

This page gives you an idea of what the fault area would have to be to accommodate just a mag 12 – let alone a mag 15. The total surface area of the Earth is 5.1×10 pwr 8 km2. 510,000,000 km sq. A mag 12 would be about 1/5th of the total surface area of the Earth. At magnitude 13 he runs out of options as the approximate rupture area would be 1,000,000,000 km sq – or about twice the surface area of the Earth.

By the way the geologists say that anything over a Magnitude 10 is not possible as there is no know fault system sufficiently large enough to create an earthquake of that magnitude. Personally I would put 10.5 as the absolute maximum possible under very extreme circumstances.

Having said insignificant I should also add, and I am NOT scaremongering here, that a direct hit from Elenin (which is not going to happen) would be catastrophic. She is big enough to cause a world wide ‘nuclear winter’ for months.

Anyway on we go. A cosmic shock wave. Sounds good. What is it? Why, or indeed how, would a LITTLE comet produce it?

“When this object goes across the sky it is going to cause an eclipse that will last at least three days”

The moon is 3,474.8 kilometres wide and can only eclipse the Sun for a few minutes. Just exactly how in terms of celestial mechanics is a 5 km wide comet going to manage this feat?

“Pyroclastic blasts going everywhere”. Mm, I always thought they were pyroclastic flows, but leaving that aside, – going everywhere? No the terms sounds good and most people have heard of it and know it is scary so use it for good effect regardless of whether it is possible or not.

“Wind speeds over 1000 miles and hour”. And where exactly are these going to come from stupid?

“Surface temperatures of 60 degrees plus”. I guess El Stupido has no idea that some people still work in Fahrenheit. That revelation on temperature is not going to impress Americans for example.

Ash, wild fires etc – sounds like another nuclear winter coming on.

I understand that this person is a so called ‘channeller’, which as far as I am concerned is just a mechanism to twist things round so that as I said above, the message does not come from him, but from a ‘higher’ being/power etc. The patently obvious fraud in this approach does not fool me for one second. I have no doubt that some people do see ‘visions’ and hear ‘voices’. I believe there is a medical term for that.

I do not however believe for one minute that this person is in that league. This is set up to make money. He claims he is the reincarnation of Akhenaten (known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV) and supposedly the father of King Tut. Odd isn’t it that none of these charlatans are a reincarnation of an ordinary person. No it has to be a King or Queen or suchlike.

Now he says in this video below that he got the information for the above twaddle 2 years ago but did not have any scientific data to back it up. (Yuk, you might have to listen – sorry it is quite long.)

So his failed predictions are because he did not ask SOURCE for the years. How very convenient.

I just wish I did not have to listen to this rubbish in order to debunk it. Key dates 26th Aug, Sep 9, 11 SHTF 26th. 3/4 of world’s population dead in a few hours.

He goes on to say “Don’t believe a word I say…..”. Right – very sound advice. Don’t believe one single word this charlatan says.

Sorry, had to stop listening – just too long winded and full of brown stuff – excrement.

My guess is we will still be here on the 27th – if for no other reason that he is booking dates for his 2012 world tour! Obviously he does not believe his own twaddle then.

And a trip to Egypt just in the period he says everything is going to go wrong.

Dates: Saturday Sept 10 – Sept 23 (Flights out of Australia Sept 9)

Investment: ~AU $1975 not including International airfares. (We may be able to negotiate a group discount for airfares out of Melbourne, depending on numbers – Current cost ~ $2100-$2400).

The price includes all internal Egyptian airfares and other internal transport. It also includes full board on the Felucca and most breakfasts in other accommodation. There is a possible that the price may go down depending on numbers and our ongoing negotiations with our Egyptian associates and international airlines.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this site I just found which does a detailed job of debunking this fraud.

Alexander Retrov

Note also that on his website he says “will not be contactable in ANY way after Sept 9“. Wonder why that is. Because of the end of the world, or to avoid being arrested or otherwise dealt with? Oh silly me, of course – he is in Egypt waiting to return to rule the world as Akhenaten in the flesh.

UPDATE: So now we have the excuses and the threats and the pathetic attempts to wriggle out of the failure. He is now trying to turn it round in a supercilious attempt to make him out to be a better person than everyone else.

He steers the topic away from his failure. You sort of feel the need to get out the violins.

The best part is that the reason the date was wrong. “The purpose of the date being wrong was so that peoples true nature would be exposed.”

Say that to yourself a few times and then consider if I am being unreasonable if I consider that to be in extremely bad taste – and in light of the DVD sales (even though he say there were not many) I believe that statement to indicate that it was an intentional fraud.

“To those of you who have gone on the attack, it’s not me you are attacking, it’s yourself”. Mm, an interesting piece of deflective and fallacious logic there Retrov. No it is you and your cock and bull stories we are attacking and the fact that you now openly admit that it was wrong, and that it was intended to be so.

He then threatens those who have acted in a defamatory manner saying they will be hearing from his lawyers. Well indeed so they should, but many I have seem have not been defamatory but have pointed out the obvious flaws in his theories. Where also is the money coming from to pay for this action since [cue violins] he has sold everything and given it away [end violins].

Have to rush off and get a hanky….. *sniff* *sniff*

UPDATE: 22 July 2012. We seem to have survived so far but i just went to have a look at this pratt’s site again and he still has all the tripe about Elenin being a brown dwarf and NASA tracking it. He must be incredibly dense if it has not sunk in yet that Elenin was indeed a comet, not a brown dwarf, and it has broken up and is no more. I suppose it is hard to admit that the linchpin of your twaddle has gone.

Not sure when this was written on his front page The events WILL happen – when? The next 6 weeks may well have many people eating their words. But how many will be able to shift what is in their hearts? but i am guessing well over 6 weeks ago. Today is 22 July so let us see in 6 weeks from now just to give him the benefit of the doubt.


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19 Responses to Alexander Retrov – The Ultimate Scaremonger?

  1. dominick virgilio says:

    he sounds like a 2013 patti brassard, maybe they have stock in HOME DEPOT!

  2. Jimmy says:

    Maybe Trevor and Rolf Harris can do a double act?

  3. ben says:

    The only thing I’d be aware of, however, is that quite often the Illuminati set up people like this to make wild predictions that don’t come true, and suck people in etc… then when it all is a lie, they, (like others commenting on here) say I will ‘never believe another prediction’ again.

    Sure, it’s best not to believe in predictions from a source that is idiotic, however, there are definitely still signs that the elite are up to stuff and we need to be aware of those changes and their efforts to enslave the population / depopulate / WW3 etc etc.

    Many of these false planted people exist and have done this. It’s also what any of the movies about changes that may happen are there for – to make people go ‘oh don’t be silly that was just in a movie’.

    Wake up.

    • PuterMan says:

      Undoubtedly there are changes afoot but at the end of the day the ‘elites’ worship just one thing – money. With the collapse will come the collapse of their corrupt system and no amount of gold will buy a cabbage in a survival situation unless the seller in incredibly stupid.

      Wake up for sure. You are absolutely right but most of what is portrayed in the movies just is not possible at least the way it is shown. I also believe that people like Retrov are simply wannabe elites and are after the money and to possibly a greater degree the adulation. They carry no message at all which is why it is up to others to convey that to those who have no knowledge in these matters.

  4. FearGone says:

    I was one of those who feared terribly for my family. I lost so much sleep over Alexanders words. I will never watch another prediction video of this type.

    • PuterMan says:

      I am so sorry that you and yours suffered because of this person and am glad that this fear is now gone, hopefully never to return again.

      People like Alexander who knowingly prey on others, despite what they may say to refute that, are despicable. There are enough problems for us without the likes of him.

      If you have any doubts about anything of this nature you can always look at a site like who are dedicated to seeking out people and web sites of Retrov’s ilk and informing people of the truth.


  5. goldfinger says:

    I have been following this Retrov character and I admit I bought into some of the “predictions”, however, my belief weas tempered with the June 10 Nasa warning (to employees), and other sources like John Moore. I think its worth noting though that Retrov never said it was the comet Elenin that was the threat. This article seems to imply that he was pushing the comet itself as the threat, but if you watch his videos closely, he says the comet is likely a cover story for the real threat, which is Planet X, aka Nibiru, a brown dwarf. He goes on to say Elenin stands for Extinction. Level. Event. Near. Impact. Nibiru. This may be a minor point, but he always said these things (that never happened) were going to be caused by Planet X. In the end, it doesn’t change the fact that Retrov’s science is flawed, and his explanation for his “predictions” is a cop out.

    • PuterMan says:

      Yes agreed. I am probably guilty of making the Elenin/Nibiru association as so many out there do that. As you say however at the end of the day it was a failure as are his explanations.

  6. Drelot says:

    It’s interesting how one man can get so many of reacting….Truly he has made a deep impression on many of us.
    If his aim is to impress people and get attention, then he’s being most successful.
    Whether his predictions and info are correct or not….he’s got us all talking…..WOW

    • 2012hoax says:

      I could name several other people who have left “deep impressions”. Some people’s legacy is positive. Some ‘deep impressions’ are negative.

      In my opinion, Retrov’s goal was to scare people into believing him. Whether that was for personal financial gain, or some kind of ego-trip, or some other purpose, remains to be seen.

      Personally, I would rather leave no legacy at all, than be the man who scared people to death.

      • PuterMan says:

        I so agree. Maybe I look at the world through rose-tinted glasses a bit but I usually try and see the good in people. I see no good in that man at all. To worry people to death – literally as you have pointed out – is unforgivable in my book and he and his ilk are nothing more than low-life feeding off the fear of others.

    • Brian says:

      It has nothing to do with getting your attention or making an impression on sane people, it is getting the attention of sad insecure people who thrive on all this crud and who open their wallet’s and bank accounts to scum like this cretin.

  7. 2012hoax says:

    FYI, a bit of intel from a former follower of Retrov/Alexander, and that is that the PayPal transaction in which he purchased the DVDs went to a “Christine Hill”. After complaining bitterly to other ‘customers’ after the massive failure, he received an email from “Trevor Hill”. Apparently these are additional aliases.

  8. Aye Skye says:

    I love your article! Well-written. 🙂

    Okay,stating the obvious: he (Trevor Alexander) is a douche-bag
    But why would he potentially be arrested?
    And would that be the basis of why he’s defecting Australia for the ‘overseas’? to avoid capture?

    Is that type of behavior (a mild degree of fraud) punishable by law?
    I mean, unless he has other unrelated criminal involvements that we are unaware of,
    I don’t see the correlation between someone
    pretending to know future events, while taxing people money for it
    to being culpable of penile incarceration

    Unless there are extraneous criminal enterprises he’s involved in, I don’t see this as a strong enough suit to defect the country so far as to never coming back. :/

    • PuterMan says:

      You are probably correct, but I would like to see this type of scaremongering and fraud being a prison-able offence. Note I also said “or otherwise dealt with”. It may well be that some might like to ‘catch up with him’ and ‘otherwise deal with him’. I can’t imagine after the complete failure that he will too well received in the future. I am aware that some people do some very silly things on that basis of the say so of people like this.

      It makes me laugh that he says “don’t believe me” knowing full well that he is targeting an audience that will believe him and will not go and do their own research.

      It may not actually be fraud now but it should be. I consider using people’s gullibility like this to sell books and videos and charging for ‘lectures’ is fraudulent, every bit as much as the ubiquitous Nigerian emails.

      As far as other activities go I don’t know but you should perhaps research his past. You might find it interesting in a ‘Hmm’ sort of way. 🙂

  9. elena says:

    Amen ! glad you wrote this article..

  10. Sandra O'Hanlon says:

    Mr Retrov/Trevor visited our Facebook Page and posted:

    Alexander Retrov
    I am flattered that so many of you have devoted so much time and energy to someone who stated implicately.’Don’t believe a word I tell you.’ Makes me smile.
    Like · · Unfollow Post · Yesterday at 00:07

    It is from his official FB account. Come join the convo.

  11. Deekay says:

    These frauds used to be put in the stocks, dunked, or killed. I perfer the latter.

  12. james says:

    Hahahaha,, Well wrote mate…He is indeed a scaremonger…and a complete Retard…Who hasnt got a clue of Science anyway these guys just keep popping up and saying sh1t all the time…I really cant wait for next year 22nd Dec 2012 and laugh at all the f###ing morons spouting their horse sh1t end of the world nonsense…The only thing that will end this world is too much sh1t talk..

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