The pattern of Magnitude 6+ earthquakes so far in 2011

This is not going to be an in depth review, it is just that I was playing around with procedures on the database I maintain and created on to give a daily count of earthquakes in a date range for magnitudes above a given value.

I just had to put in this year to date and Mag 6 and above. This is the resulting chart. (Click the image for full size – you need to do that as the thumbnail suppresses the thinner columns.)

Mag 6+ for 2011 to 18 September

We are today, 18 September 2011 on day 261 of the year. The list that created the graph contains 102 lines so that means that despite what it may feel like there are actually 159 days this year where there has not been an earthquake of magnitude 6 or above.

Here is a bonus chart, completely free! 🙂 Mag 5+

And for those who are interested in creating charts of the energy for themselves this XLSX file contains the data and charts above and an energy value in Gigajoules for each day.

Magnitude Counts from 01 Jan to 18 Sep 2011


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