Epic Fail – Doom merchant wrong again!!!

I have no really big quibble with people who genuinely believe they have had a dream, or a premonition, or have looked at patterns and determined a possibility of an earthquake. Who am I to say that people cannot have dreams and premonitions? The fact of course that so many turn out to be wrong is a bit of a problem, for the dreamers and prophets, but such is the way of things and I bear no bad feelings towards those who are genuine.

Then we have a different category. The charlatans and doom-sayers whose only motive seems to be to scare people. I have no idea just what exactly they get of of doing this, but in my book it is wrong.

One such doom merchant in my opinion is Dr Richard Boylan, who styles himself as a Councillor of Earth. Today we were supposed to have a magnitude 10 mega-quake in the Appalachians. Needless to say we did not, a fact that no one should be surprised at.

Here is the web page from Dr Richard Boylan’s site, and I have a copy of the complete site just in case this person tries to change anything in order to justify his failure. You can also download a PDF of the page Dr Richard Boylan – 7 September 2011 The content of this PDF document is ©1992-2011 Dr Boylan and is reproduced in accordance with the conditions on his site for respectful use since I am being very restrained and respectful by comparison to what I would really like to say to this person.

So let’s analyse what was said. (All references come from the above site)

And thus, on Saturday, sometime between 11 am and 2 pm EDT local time (more likely 1:15-1:45 pm EDT), a massive magnitude 10.0 Mega-Quake will occur.
Its epicenter will be around Federal Square, Petersburg, WV 26847: (38 degrees, 59′, 49.92 N. Lat.; 79 degrees, 07′,31.01 W. Long).
Corresponding Saturday Quake times in other time zones will be around: 10:30 am, PDT; 17:30 GMT/UTC; and 6:30 pm, BST.
A Magnitude 10.0 earthquake has never occurred before.

Just about the only accurate part of that is the last sentence. There is absolutely no likelihood of an inter-continental earthquake being bigger than a subduction quake. Any geologist will tell you that what he is stating is just not possible.

Thus everything I wrote previously about that 9.6 quake that was supposed to occur naturally Wed. Sept. 7 holds true for this coming Saturday’s 10.0 Super-Quake, except that the damage will be five times more severe.

But the 9.6 quake didn’t happen Dr Boylan? Mm, slight problem there then.

I am not concerned about his scenario for what would happen in the even of a Magnitude 10 quake since there was no mag 10, nor will there be so the whole following paragraphs are just flights of fantasy designed to scare.

Let us move on to the nuclear plants, even more designed to scare in light of the events a Fukushima.

Duke Power says its reactors are built to withstand a quake of between 6.6 and 7.3 magnitude. Unfortunate this Saturday’s Super-Quake will be 10.0 magnitude. That is about 27 times larger than the highest magnitude quake Duke Power built its reactors to withstand.

Now it is at this point that Dr Boylan illustrates that he actually has no idea about seismology. A magnitude 10 earthquake, were such a thing possible, is in round figures 501 times bigger and 11,220 times stronger.

The Magnitude 10 did not happen. Yet another epic fail from Dr Boylan, who will no doubt come up with more bull# about the Cabal and their earthquake preventing machines. His biography states “Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, anthropologist, university associate professor (emeritus), certified clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher.” I believe he should know better than to produce this sort of rubbish to scare the people who are not in the know. No where does he state that he has any connection with seismology and/or geology yet he presents himself as a expert as far as the public are concerned.

Dr Boylan, in my opinion you are the worst kind of doom monger around since you use your professional qualifications to give credence to the bull# you spout. You should be ashamed of yourself.


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2 Responses to Epic Fail – Doom merchant wrong again!!!

  1. Vob Guy says:

    Why would someone with an earthquake preventing machine be one of the bad guys, anyhow?

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