Magnitude 6.9 Mw Fox Islands. Alaska 02-Sep-11

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Earthquake Details

Location Shake map Seismic Hazard maps
P-Wave travel times Phase data Tsunami bulletin
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This quakes has been categorised 6.9 Mw but the USGS web site and gone up to 6.8 Ms. The original phase data (see below) was:

mb = 6.5 ( 515 ) ML = 6.6 ( 16 ) mblg = 0.0 ( 0 ) md = 0.0 ( 0 ) MS = 6.7 ( 8 )

The details below are from the QED List for 10 Sep 2011

105554.0 52.212N 171.737W 35G A 0.9 55 594 FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA. MW 6.9 (WCMT), 6.8 (UCMT), 6.8 (GS), 6.8 (GCMT). ME 7.0 (GS). WP 7.1 (GS).
Broadband Source Parameters (GS): Dep 32 km; Radiated energy 7.0*10**14 Nm. Complex earthquake. A small event is followed by at least one larger event about 2 seconds later. Depth based on first event.

See the QED file for further technical detail

Location Maps
Shake Map (Click this image for USGS shake map pages)
Seismic Hazard Map
Historic Seismicity 2011
Theoretical P-Wave travel time
Phase Data
Tsunami Bulletin
Tsunami warning
A tsunami warning was issued however there was no threat determined to the west coast.

Details Location Shake map
Seismic Hazard maps P-Wave travel times Phase data

Other Links
PAGER details and PDF link.
The PAGER archive includes Significant Earthquakes since 2008.
Web page images pack & USGS Pager PDF.
All images and data are (C) USGS/NEIC


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